I have worn many hats in my 15+ year career, exposing me to a variety of personalities, situations and circumstances.  This experience has made me at times a top performer and leader of teams, but also an employee that knows the pitfalls of a lack of direction and motivation.  This type of varied experience and education helped me shape a deep understanding of the challenges faced by talented employees and professionals, as well as the people who lead them.  Thus, I feel uniquely positioned to support clients in their own development, as well as in helping them understand how to better develop others.

I see people as the greatest resource of any organizational structure – family, business, or community.  They are the basic building block of any organization. If they feel derailed, stuck and directionless, the organization suffers.  This is why it is imperative that we as individuals, as well as organizations, invest in the sustained renewal of our greatest resource.

As someone that has felt the burn of being stuck and lacking direction, I know how disempowering it feels not to be able to offer much beyond myself.  It was through the use of coaching tools that I was able to create a vision and direction for my own career and life that has sustained me to this day.  My own experience, and that of coaching dozens of clients to growth, I am convinced that regardless of situation, circumstances, function or setting, all people have the capability to choose the direction of their life and career, and find meaning in what they do.

I know my purpose in life – it is to coach people and organizations to thrive, and I’ve made a life long commitment to doing so.  What is your purpose?



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