Juliette Posner

Juliette P., VP Oversight & Controls, Banking and Financial Services Sector

When I first sought after Milica as a coach, I was sure that I needed immediate assistance to transform my professional career.  I had no clear sense of what I really wanted, and where I wanted to end up.  That first session, Milica spent 2 hours getting to know me and my needs. She didn’t sell me on her abilities, she just wanted to…Read More

another man

Farrel M., CEO, IT Industry Co

All of us are in a transition, whether it’s changing jobs, or a subtle and more reflective change, like making a personal leap forward in accountability. Milica helped me make the transition into a role I had under invested my focus on and challenged me to develop new ways of leading people….Read More

Rebecca M., Founder and CEO, Gourmet Meal Preparation & Distribution Co.

I am now empowered with tools I need to make my business a success. I don’t feel my company would have made such fast progress without Milica’s support. Her enthusiasm has driven me forward, while her support has made me more productive and accountable.
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Herper G. Managing Director, Civil Engineering and Construction Co.

Working with Milica was an experience that I will always look upon as transformational. She listened, foremost, and helped me identify the challenges I was having. The difference maker was that she knew how to help me address them in a methodical way, and showed me the tools to continue on the path to greater success…Read More

Welcome to Mili Coaching

Finding a competitive advantage for your business is one thing.  Sustaining it day to day is another. The perpetual grind of performance improvement can be overwhelming to say the least. Your process of continual renewal and that of your organization, is never-ending, and needs to be a priority over everything else.   

I created Mili Coaching, with the distinct purpose of supporting carefully selected clients (individual and corporate), in helping design and facilitate excellence in the career, business and life they envision for themselves.    If you share the traits all of my clients share – a strong record of accomplishment, a readiness to take action, and dedication– I want to hear from you. 

Your Coach, Milica Picuric

Mili Coaching is About Client Success and Support.

 Gain a perspective on the “big picture”
 Improve leadership and engagement levels
 Adapt and cope with transitions
 Use own potential to seize opportunities
 Remain focused, motivated, and accountable

 Maintain business focus
 Create a plan for long-term growth
 Improve day-to-day operations
 Build a profitable, efficient businesses
 Improve their bottom lines
 Better manage operations and growth

 Expand creativity to solve problems
 Explore passions, strengths, core beliefs
 Discover a life of purpose and value
 Define and embrace goals
 Develop a plan to make goals a reality
 Uncover patterns that sabotage success



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